I present to you — Zvook Gravity — physical culture of the 21st century, which combines strength training,forming a beautiful figure and posture, dynamic stretching, deep relaxation, a powerful charge of energy!

Engage can be 5 years.

Through the physical body, the practice of using AlfaGravity, we identify all the inhibiting factors and translate them into force and creativity.

Zvook Gravity — a technique restore the integrity of the physical and mental health and further development with the help of The force of attraction of the Earth!

Increasing the pressure on the body, there is a voltage and displacement detection of problem areas within the body.

When the body relaxes, it calms and balanced system that controls all functions of the body. This maintains and improves muscle tone and activity!

When we walk or run upright, there is a compression load on the spine and joints.

Catching up in limbo, the spine and joints are stretched increasing growth, increasing the space between the joints and restoring the natural ease and mobility of the body.

Regularly doing the procedure AlfaGravity YOU WILL RECEIVE:

+ Out of the deep muscle and mental blocks, pulling the spine, it makes the body flexible and restores nervous in the cardiovascular system.

+ Slim figure and posture

+ Positive effect on the strengthening of the skeleton

+ Development of the vestibular apparatus

+ Great joy and zest for life !!!


This climbing rope attached to the ceiling, with carbines and gloves, you halt the legs, wearing them soft fastening fingers and hands need to hold on to the special handle, ie you find yourself in limbo, in which all the exercises are performed.

Zvook Gravity- is something completely different compared to our usual fitness views. These classes is closer to yoga, Pilates, to training where there is a spiritual component, rather than to aerobics. Here, in contrast to the fitness you gain energy and strength, the mind becomes — you are under control, and do not feel the effect only a short time after school. On AlfaGravity is training the body in three-dimensional space due to the fact that you hang in the air, plus the interaction with gravity is actually hence, the name of this type of training. Training takes place under the weight of your own body, you get a boost of energy and positive after school and wants to come running to the next.

There is a holistic health effects:

-prorabatyvayutsya muscles, joints, ligaments, spine,

— Go away tension, stress, negative emotions, fears.

Brain restarts processes of the body and knowledge of the world.

Play Now! Be creative! Rejoice!

In my capacity includes:

Training conduct, this sets the simulator in any room fixture on the ceiling (ceiling height 2, 50 m), on the street between two trees, a separate metal construction height of 3-4 meters for street fixture in the pool …